The Institute’s participative culture has always ensured that our alumni are encouraged to stay connected with their alma mater and inspire and motivate current students. With the motto of “Learn, Earn and Return” in mind, VSIT alumni seamlessly connect with the Institute, faculty, students and fellow batchmates.

From the hearts of the VSIT Alumni

Jignesh Chauhan

One of the most interesting stages in life that gives you an opportunity to explore is the college phase. My experience in Vidyalankar is something which cant be expressed in few lines all I can say that it was a beautiful journey throughout three years, where you can explore knowledge and study in such an good environment which helps you think beyond your dreams.

Vinyas Shetty

College life is a very important part of every individual's life. Time really flies, it feels like it was just yesterday that I got into college. The past 3 years have been amazing here at Vidyalnakar School of Information Technology. You literally have the best of everything out here, from infrastructure to faculty. The cool and ever-ready to help teachers will always have your back and the friendly non-teaching staff will never let you down. I've learnt a lot being here, things that surely would help in future. It sure was a good ride.

Wasif Mukadam

Time just slipped off and three glorious years at VSIT have come to an end . I cherished each and every moment spent at this campus with loving and motivating professors who always shared their expertise to enrich our lives with knowledge which will guide us in our future. The helpful and cheerful nonteaching staff always were ready to help us and made life very smooth and easy at VSIT. Just can’t forget the wonderful ambiance of our campus which was relaxing, the wonderful canteen which served us with nutritious and tasty food last but not the least the enriching programmes conducted by our college. I would like to thank each and every member of VSIT to enrich our lives with quality education.

Chirag Shah

Due to the rapid growth of financial sector in India there are plenty of opportunities in this area. BFM in Vidyalankar provides various opportunity to get the practical aspects of financial market including stock market trading which help the students to make a good career.

Prajakta Rawool

VSIT is best at studies, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, also the college campus is very positive. VSIT college is career oriented. One can also get to know how students here are motivated to realize their full potential. The BMM department offers guest lectures very frequently to students , where Young minds are nurtured and guided here to face the challenges of the professional world by making them academically competent and industry-ready. “MAADHYAM” & “V-Chitra” are 2 prominent Media fest organised by The BMM department of VSIT .Opportunities here at VSIT are great ! The faculties are very formally friendly & ready to help whenever you need them.

Pranita Patil

BFM Program typically focus with comprehensive understanding of financial market, interpersonal skills and professional insight in the field of finance. The students who want to explore in the area of finance, BFM in VSIT is the best option.

Soumya Marar

Vidyalankar has been instrumental in shaping up my personality to become a confident and motivated individual along with strong values and principles which form the backbone of the exemplary institution that is Vidyalankar. From a vast array of opportunities available for students to grow and develop their personalities, to the appreciation and recognition of every student's achievement, Vidyalankar has it all that one would expect from a great institution.

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